Considerate Accessibility - in the Renewal of Building Environments

Book cover

Selected photos from the book

Considerate Accessibility in the Renewal of Building Environments uses clear examples to show that a considerate treatment of the historical value of buildings can be combined with both accessibility and usability for people with disabilities. The examples in the book are described both through text and pictures, serving as an important illustration of principles and general requirements. They are also intended to function as inspiration when solutions adapted to each individual object are being worked out.

Questions of principle and various points of view are also dealt with. The intention is to provide a basis for discussion – especially in the case of questions of process and co-ordination. The book is intended to work as a frame of reference common to all those who participate in the planning, construction, renewal and management of building environments. It is designed to supplement – but not replace – the specialized literature commonly used by the various actors involved. The book can be used to great advantage in a training context.

This book of ideas is the result of a collaboration between the Association of the Neurologically Disabled, NHR, the Federation of Disabled Persons, DHR, the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH and the European Institute of Design and Disability in Sweden (EIDD).

The author is the architect Elena Siré, SAR, researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology.

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