Cultural walking tours - for disabled persons

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Selected photos from the book

This guidebook contains ten walking tours within the city limits for those who wish to experience Stockholm’s building heritage and other urban environments of historical and architectural interest.

The tour descriptions are complemented with maps, text, pictures and accessibility details for people with various disabilities – the physically challenged, allergic persons and those with impaired vision or hearing. This information can be of use to those with prams, etc. Different ways of experiencing Stockholm and taking advantage of what the city has to offer are given in this guidebook. The possibility of visiting certain buildings en route and benefiting from their facilities is also described.

Elena Siré, the initiator of the guide, is an architect and member of the National Association of Swedish Architects (SAR). She lectures on accessibility questions and is otherwise actively engaged in the field. Sten Leijonhufvud is an architect and photographer whose special interest focuses on city environments. Both are associated with the Department of Building Analysis at the Royal Institute of Technology, Architecture and Town Planning.

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