Safe evacuation for all - In cultural buildings

Book cover

Improving evacuation safety for people with activity limitations is not an insurmountable problem, not even when converting buildings of great cultural value.

Safe Evacuation for All deals with such important concepts as accessibility and personal safety. In the preservation of architecturally valuable buildings attention also has to be paid to cultural values and architectural considerations. Different people have differing opinions about the nature of risk. This book contains a presentation of how people behave in the event of fire and other hazardous situations. Evacuation drills indicate which requirements must be met if people with activity limitations are to be able to evacuate.

The book also contains case studies that should serve as a source of inspiration as well as providing a knowledge base. At the end there is also a section on technical advice and instructions regarding building, management, maintenance and supervision.

The main author is the architect Elena Siré, SAR/MSA and the co-authors are Staffan Bengtson, M.Eng. and the psychologist Lena Kecklund.

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